So I tried Readwave…

I’d read a little buzz about this site called Readwave, which is a site you can upload fiction to and open it up to a wider audience.

My story, To the stars, has currently had 85 reads, 2 likes and 7 comments from people who had lovely feedback for me. It also trended (moved into the first page of stories that people were reading) on the first day. I am unsure if it has brought any more traffic here to my blog, but I suspect you would need to have a larger following than I do.

It’s been a great experience, and given that people have specifically asked for further stories with the characters, I will definitely give it another go. I am posting about it here, because I want to link all my stories to this blog, so everyone can follow them, wherever they end up.

You can read the story here:

Thanks to all my friends who have already had a look.

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