Threads of Time, Part II

There is a second part to the collaborative story writing I did last week. Building on someone else’s 200 works. Chuck Wendig is marvellous for his prompting!

First part of the story is written by a fine person going by nitromidget and can be found at her blog.

As the knitting needle vibrated in Marley’s chest, she gasped hungrily for air, until she realised although it felt like it rent her heart, it still continued to beat. But through the air, seemingly spooling out of her, was a glowing chord of soft green.

The crone reached a gnarled hand to the floating tendril and bent to look at it, twisting it slowly between finger and thumb, testing its fineness. Marley grabbed at the line, wanting to pull it back, but it dissolved as she touched it. A tutting like the rustling of dry leaves was the response as the ancient old woman turned back to Marley’s snoring client, casting back on and resuming her knitting.

“You are not ready, child.”

“Neither is she.” Marley waved a hand in the drifting thread, dissipating it.

With eyes dark as night and an expression of indulgent patience, the elderly woman turned her face back to Marley. “What do you know of the universe, child? I have seen worlds rise and fall. I have seen millions die. What do you think to tell me that would change what I do to protect existence as you know it?”

Marley’s mouth hung open and the old woman snorted. “Nothing. As I thought.”

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