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The Cure

A few bars of electric guitar
Robert Smith smooth
I’m drawn out
And now I’m there

The road is open
Wind curling in my hair
Summer sun beats
Resistance from greenery

Days are conjured back
High on life
High on love
But waiting for the fall

Stripes on my back
Malibu and pineapple
Muggy days and nights
Adventures and safety

Falling apart
Knew it was coming
What could have been
Is it more than a dream

The highway is lonely
All that’s left now
Aching emptiness
And no pictures of you


Once the ladder held 3
And I at the bottom
I did dream of being on top

Others slipped
And I ascendent, rose

But another usurped
And I tumbled 
Out of heaven

An angel without wings
Naively my heart broke
Not for the last time

I am denied
Bloodied and disillusioned
Why does love hurt?

Darkness falls my friend

Little dart of red
Streaming behind you
Run little red
Yellow eyes shine
This is how I remember
My faithful little friend
Hairy head on my foot
Snoring softly beside my bed
Beneath the tree
Dusk is ever here
Softly you rest
Sleeping in the twilight
Wrapped in softest cloth
Dear eyes that open no more
Little friend, let’s sit
Quietly beneath the leaves
Together, companions
I will weep quietly
And we will sit here
Quietly as darkness falls

Before the storm

It is silent and quiet
I can feel it building here
Around my heart
Behind my ribs
In my head
There is a calm
But I can feel it
Nothing is wrong
No event heralds
But the storm is coming
And I know not how
To turn it away
I do not want to be
Engulfed in it
Swirling and dark
Deep and dangerous
Scared and alone
Unable to reach out
And then afterwards
There will be clean-up
The lack of hope
The tiring rebuild
And the anger
Why do I need it?
I don’t but
I can feel the storm


Just the hint
Of scent, flavour
Reminds me of
Custard delights
Coolly slipping down
Soft, sweet tones
A waft of nutty
A thousand memories
Cherished in time
But not remembered
A spice of enjoyment
I would not think to choose
Nor realised I needed
Surprising me with enjoyment
It brings me back
To a time of warmth
Of laughter
Of nutmeg and you
How did I never know
What my world lacked
Before there was you

Hands of clay

Someone with soft hands
Gentle as morning sun
Made you
Turned that sweet face
Lay your cheek on their palm
Saw you
Sculpted your body
Care taken with each plane
For you
Planted specks of fire
Gave you bright eyes
See clear
Whatever or whoever did
Gave such a gift
To the world
For such heart barely
Deserves to be touched
By these hands of clay

With a flower in her hair

This is the girl I long to always be
Held fast by soft little hand
The one whose face you tilt
To gently place a flower in her hair
And a kiss on waiting lips

Whose steady step falls in
Close to your long lopes
Our paths together now
Heading onward together

A little sun warm on our faces
The soft breeze in our hair
Our way slow and easy
The journey happy

This girl in this moment
Is wholly yours and happy
The girl who has your love
Who loves you in return
May we walk together always

Laden sky

I touch the sky
My hand trails
Languid amongst clouds
Sun hides
Remembrance of colours
Hues of our world
Layers weighed down
Red like my hair
Bright in the sunlight
Honey golden like yours
Green, highlighted gold
Streaked dark
Above the blue of dreams
Below, the weighted sky
Are you
When we should fly
Drifting, dreaming
Inert amongst the stars
Bathing in the sun
Centres of our own universe
Hand in hand
Between our dream
And our sky
You and I

Nearness of you

In the dark
With your warm skin
Under cover
The nearness of you
Keeps me contented
Soft, languid
Arms wrapped
Bundling me up
Like an extra blanket

When you’re gone
The dark is cold
My sheets are cool
Tossing, turning
Fundamentally missing
I cuddle up to that spot
Holding the sheets
Your t-shirt
Sleeping in
That indent
Where you were
There at least
I have some semblance
Of the nearness of you

Here beneath the stars

Soft in the moonlight
Your eyes dark
In the darkness
Gentle as the night sky
Glittering with a thousand
Unshed thoughts and dreams
Pinpricks of light
An idea that lodged
In those intelligent eyes
The moon above is tender
Haloing you in light
Memory in the pale
And we feel ageless
And precious
Here beneath the stars