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Star-crossed lovers
we’ll not be
Not tied to fates
Hurtling to oblivion
An explosion of stars
In twinkling lights
We are written though
Lover mine

We do not wear
Destiny as our mantle
Meant-to-be our shield
Each day must be new
Each moment precious
I want to love you
All over again
With each dawning

I don’t believe in fate
Or destiny like some
Maybe not in the one
But I believe in you
In me
And the us that we be

I don’t deal in forevers
Or all times
But here and now
Our love burns fierce
Bright as a sun
I will love you
For our now
For our ever
Lover mine

Hands off

We are a thousand miles apart
You are the planet
And I the moon
I quiver with inactivity
The lure of you
Gravity pulling
Magnetism pushing back
Rotating around you
We cannot touch
Lest we explode
The faintest brush
Will cause a reaction
Chemical, physical
We will be together
But it may use you up
But we will be one
However briefly
But I cannot let you go
So I will circle hear
Longing only
To be with you

Anger blooms

At first it blooms
Under the skin
That scarlet flower
Spreading out
Unfurling anger
In petals denoting
Lack of self-expression
Stamens of hate
The pollen travelling
Deeper into battered soul
Sowing seeds
Of anger returning
A black self-loathing
Of failure
Blaming pathetic actions
When looking inward
To oneself
A poison that seeps
To the very bones
Soon may the flower wither
Purple, curling in
But that first bloom
Is only the beginning
Of a cycle
So hard to break

Starlight star bright

They say the brightest light
Burns in the darkness
As if pointing out a contrast
Is special in itself
It misses the magic
The touch of voodoo
Lingering in that light
Twinkling with mischief
But also the solemnity
Of a charge to watch
A role to guide
Those among the lost
Mostly it doesn’t account
For the peace of that light
For happiness suffusing
A lonely soul
Or enhancing a moment
Shared in the night
Burn on star light
I’ll follow you into the dark

The Sum Of Adoration

Lips that purse
With passing thought
Smile more readily
Than expected
Touch welcome
As tender as that
Mouth is
Noble aquiline nose
Eyelashes dark against cheek
Coloured as precious stones
Golden like sunlight
Shifting with the thoughts
Behind those eyes
Can’t stop watching
Raised eyebrow
Only ever in fun
Soft strands of hair
Pliant under fingers
Often at the odds and ends
Hands gentle
Treat me with kid gloves
Words that pull me out
Sweeten and warm my ear
Straight to my soul
As arms enfold me
Keeping me
Cradling me
Making precious
This girl
A mind full
With hopes and dreams
Yours and others
With tidbits
Wit nearby to make me
Giggle senselessly
A heart reaching
Taking on others troubles
But never too full
For more

You ask why I adore you
Now, you know.


I can hear the sigh of the tide
Lying here in the darkness
With the softest of sounds
The tide comes in
Gently hissing in
Sometimes rumbling
Gushing, it rushes out
Ever so slightly louder

I lie here in the dark
Listening to the even tide
To that rhythm of your breath
And I could lie here always
In the warm tangle of us
Just listening
To the tides of your life
Repeating and endless
Here, in the warm dark
With you


Little girl lost

Little girl
Haunted look in your eyes
Don’t see only pain
Don’t close off to happiness
Please don’t flinch
When I touch your cheek
Crawl up here
Into my lap
Lay your head on my shoulder
Lay the weight of your world
Here, I can carry it
Close your eyes
My hand in your hair
Heartbeat harmony
Let it soothe you
Sleep to dream away
The monsters, the unrest
Wake with sleepy-eyed wonder
The world a different place
To my mussed little woman
The beat of my heart
Sleep, so tomorrow
You might see anew
And see a different world
Hope and light reflected
In those dark pools once more